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THY Pneumatic Grease Pump

Product name: Pneumatic Grease Pump
Synonyms : Air operated grease pump, High pressure grease pump.

Product model : P60200-6
Brand : 【THY】【56888】 since 1996

Product specifications:
◎ Compression ratio: (60 : 1) (suitable for medium viscosity & medium distance delivery)
◎ oil suction pipe diameter: 44mm
◎ oil suction pipe length: 985mm
◎ Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ° C
◎Input air pressure: 90~110PSI
◎Output pressure: 5400~6600PSI
◎Hose specifications: 1/4" two layer of steel wire mesh hose, 6 meters
◎ Scope: 50 gallon oil drum, 200 liter oil drum, high viscosity grease and butter.

Special Design :
◎ Oil and gas separation : Oil will not be contaminated by moisture of compressed air.
◎ Easy maintenance: Maintenance pump control room as long as open the four screws.
◎ Airtight metal : Use metal replace of rubber. No gap is between the two metals which replace rubber to seal gap. That can increase the service life because metal more wear-resistant than rubber.

Made in Taiwan, quality assurance, factory direct, price is real, looking for global distributors.

P60200-6 is a complete butter delivery device. It delivers high viscosity butter to a great distance. P60200-6 is usually installed in large butter barrels, such as 200 liter butter barrels. Of course it can also be used in small butter barrels, such as 50 liter butter barrels. The P60200-6 can be driven by a small air compressor to deliver a large amount of butter. The start or stop of the butter delivery can be controlled with a grease gun. Our oil pump is easy to install. Fix our pump installation on the top of the butter bucket, then connect the oil pipe and connect the air pressure pipe so that the pump can be used normally. However, it should be noted that the air is finally connected, and when the air is connected, it must be determined that the outlet pipeline has been connected. Otherwise, as soon as you catch the air, the butter will fill the ground from the exit.

Manufacturer. Made In Taiwan, Quality Assurance, Factory Direct. We are looking for worldwide distributors. Please contact us.

【THY】 【56888】since 1996
Tong Hung Yeh Ent. Co., Ltd.
Web: www.56888.com.tw
Mail: THYsales99@gmail.com
Rm. 318, 3F., No.5, Wuquan 1st Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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