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THY Oil dispenser nozzle

Product Name : Oil dispenser nozzle
Synonyms : Oil control handle, Oil Nozzle Gun, Oil control gun, Easyoil.

Model : G007
Brand : 【THY】【56888】 since 1996
Specifications :
◎ Weight : 664 g
◎ Inlet diameter : 1/2" PT
◎ Outlet diameter : 1/2" PT
◎ Rotary joint diameter : 1/2" PT
◎ Iron pipe diameter : 1/4" PT
◎ Maximum pressure : 1000 PSI
◎ Oil speed : 1 ~ 35 L/min
◎ Maximum temperature : 60 ℃
◎ Producing regions : Taiwan
◎ Main material: Aluminum
◎ Other materials : copper, iron, rubber
◎ Scope : engine oil, gear oil, automatic transmission oil , hydraulic oil, antifreeze , all kinds of lubricants
Special Features :
◎ Trigger Buck Design. You can press the trigger with a finger. (some others need four fingers.) 
◎ Trigger Fixed Button. You can continue supplying oil for trigger fixed with a hand. (some others need both hands.)
◎ Automatic No-Drip Design. It can automatic make oil no drip after using. (some others is Manual No-Drip Design, some others no have it.)
Product Features :
◎ Surface polished, that make the oil gun prettier.
◎ Rotary joint, it can be rotated and the tubing  isn't knotted.
◎ Material of control valve is copper that can make oil gun's life longer than iron's.
◎ There are five colors of shell, it's easy to identify oil when the different oil with different gun's color.
Manufacturer. Made In Taiwan, Quality Assurance, Factory Direct. We are looking for worldwide distributors. Please contact us.

【THY】 【56888】since 1996
Tong Hung Yeh Ent. Co., Ltd.
Web: www.56888.com.tw
Mail: THYsales99@gmail.com
Rm. 318, 3F., No.5, Wuquan 1st Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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